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Minara Bopath Ella


Minara Bopath Ella, Ratnapura, Sri Lanka

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Minara, Bopath Ella is a nature friendly "Adventure Base Hotel" on the banks of Kuru Ganga over looking the mesmerizing Bopath Ella waterfall. It is about the only hotel in Sri Lanka that offers a magnificent view of a waterfall wrapped in the sounds of nature, 24 hours of the day, year round. 4 kilometers away from the Kuruwita town, the hamlet where Minara is located is also known as Bopath Ella. The environs of minara offers the perfect nature friendly, seclude but yet comfortable surroundings that has been aptly described in tourist literature as one of the most picturesque places in Sri Lanka. Popular among foreign as well as local tourist, Minara provides the perfect hide away to relax and enjoy nature's beauty. The hotel offers privacy and comforts in a homely atmosphere to blend in with its surroundings with a personalized and friendly service.

May it be your honeymoon, weekend of relaxation, exploring the wilderness, taking part in adventure or even for workshops and receptions minara provides the facilities and services to satisfy all and their needs, importantly ensuring privacy for the guest.

Nestled among steep valleys, blue ridged mountains, paddy fields, rubber plantations, jungle patches, streams and rivers in the district of Ratnapura, minara is a 20 minute drive from Ratnapura. Traveling from Colombo the travel time to traverse the 89 kilometers will be 2 hours. During the Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) season, the hike to Adam's Peak from Bopath Ella via Erathna is an adventurous and interesting hike.

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